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For my February read I will enjoying this contemporary romance. UNTOLD by Amy Spitzfaden, I have only read the first few chapters but I am already intrigued by Katie, the protagonist, and the road she seems to be heading down. Her alcoholic brother is sure to stir things up! Read my full FOUR STAR review here!

This erotic novel about swingers promises to be both sexy and humorous as experienced author Phoebe Alexander takes us to, The Playground! Find Phoebe on Goodreads!

DRIFTERS is the second in the Nel Bently Series by V.S. Holmes. This is a novella sized Sci-Fi action adventure with some survivalism thrown in! Read my FOUR STAR REVIEW on GoodReads.

For March I will be reading Human Ants. A Book of Poetry by fellow indie Joe King. I am not a huge poetry buff, but this looks very promising! Read my review HERE

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My January read was the epic fantasy SMOKE AND RAIN by fellow Indie V.S. Holmes. In her debut Novel, Ms. Holmes has already blown me away with her vivid imagery and amazing characters. Read my full FIVE STAR review on Goodreads! ‚Äč