Urban Fantasy with a Twist

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Stand Alone Titles

ARTIFICIAL is a science fiction thriller.

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Artificial is a stand-alone science fiction book that takes place in the Artificial Universe. More stories in this universe can be found in the Anthology Beamed Up by Amphibian Press.

When Madison Castelo is abducted on the eve of her upload, Director Burns of the Boston Division of the FBI knows she likely has less than a week to live. The fourth case of its kind, he knows they do not have the understanding or insight needed to save Madison's life. In fact, the only person who might stand a chance has been dead for the last one hundred years. Fortunately, all he needs to bring her back is a computer and her artificial body.

Derek Morrison has been chasing a serial killer for the better part of his career. Unfortunately, no one believes him. Until he connects his serial killer to Maddison's abduction. But the facts don't add up. Could there be a maniacal team at work here?

Now, all Director Burns has to do is try to get his two best Agents to work together long enough to catch a killer and save Madison's life.