Urban Fantasy with a Twist

 In this fast-paced paranormal romance from Cameron J Quinn, we follow a witch who's magical abilities are well... lacking and a powerful man on a mission to save his brother. Even if that means he has to kidnap the reluctant witch.

Growing up the most hated witch in the coven made it easy for Raven Glanvil to go against tradition to attend school on the west coast. Making a living for herself as a successful business owner in Los Angeles the last thing on her mind is the coven she left behind. That is until a powerful sorcerer appears on her doorstep demanding she not only return to New England but that she unlock a three-hundred-year-old tomb her ancestor created. But she can't just leave her life on a whim. 

John Bassett doesn’t think she has a choice. His brother’s life is on the line and he’ll be damned if she chooses her cushy L.A. 
over his kin.


New York Witch

Book 2

Salem Witch

Book 0

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Release Date 10/2018

LA Witch 

​Book 1

The Tales From the Salem Grimoire is a paranormal romance series!

In this prequel to the Tales From the Salem Grimoire series, learn about the events that the event that lead up to the Salem Witch trials as well as the events in LA Witch. 

Kanti will do anything to save her daughter. As sickness weakens Mabel to within an inch of death, Kanti finds herself begging the local witch coven for help.

Unfortunately, witches are ruled by nature and balance. When they refuse to help, a desperate mother finds other magical means to save her daughter. 

Will the most powerful witch in the world help her? Or will Millicent follow the coven's direction and clean up Kanti's mess.

In this powerful novella, find out exactly how far a mother will go to save her child. 

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Tales From the Salem Grimoire

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